About Indian Veterinary Foundation®


  • To promote Indian Veterinary Industries
  • To promote Indian veterinary research in the World.
  • Impart Latest knowledge among veterinarians to create a platform for one health objectives in India
  • To Eradicate and control contagious & Zoonotic diseases among animals and human being.
  • To promote make in India Products all across the World and generate employment among Indian Youth.
  • To encourage young entrepreneurs in India and across the World under Start up Schemes of India for the industries set up.
  • To collaborate with similar agencies globally to Bring in latest knowledge and technology in veterinary practices in India and abroad
  • To Sensitize Public for animal welfare activities in India
  • National veterinary Foundation (NVF) is also working for homeless animals like dogs and cats and suppression of cruelty towards them, a better environment for mankind.
  • Working for eradication of rabies to make India a rabies free country.